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 NOMINATIONS: How they work

  • Each Member of 100+ Women Who Care is allowed to nominate one local charity of their choosing for any given meeting.  The charity must serve Sylvan Lake & Area and it must be a registered charity to be eligible for consideration.  The member must submit her completed nomination form (email us and we'll send you one!) at least 3 days prior to the meeting in order to have it vetted as eligible and added to the "hat" from which we randomly draw three names at each meeting.

The charity that is selected to receive our group'a donation will be invited to the next meeting to give a 5 minute speech on how our donation was spent (or will be spent) and the impact the donation has had or will have.

Helpful Tip:  At each meeting, a charity CAN be nominated by more than one member!  This increases their chances of being drawn for consideration.  We must always have three different charities for our members to consider voting for, but multiple nomination for one charity does tip the hat in that charity's favor to be drawn as one of the three.  Please note: the member's name on the ticket drawn is the person who MUST come up to speak for the charity. (Every member that nominates a charity must themselves be willing and able to get up and speak about why our group should vote for that charity and they must also be able to answer questions from the group.)